Our privacy policy for Chats Int is as follows.

We have no idea what we are going to do with all this data in the future. We also aren’t quite sure exactly what data is being logged by our systems to be honest with you.

Let’s assume this site is recording what most other web sites do, your ip address, what web page you came here from, possible what search term you used. What pages you went to, anything you downloaded or typed into any chat rooms, things like that.

This shit is logged, and maybe some backups are made. They could stick around forever and be available to any number of groups of people that may want this information about you, and others that have visited here.

It’s unlikely that we will sell this info, but we could and we are not guaranteeing that we wont one day. It is at this time more likely that some group of people will either hack and steal this info, or request in some legal manner in which we will be giving up the info for free, or a very small fee.

So, privacy is best when using a hardcore private system like cubes OS and surfing with the Tor browser, or at the very minimum, using a VPN service, and never typing your real name or location into a chat room.

Don’t upload pictures either. Never click on links that other people post – you never know what info that is going to give up to others, just a click can compromise your privacy.

A good VPN service is your friend. Check to make sure it doesn’t leak via DNS or websockets / WebRTC.

Otherwise, what the fuck can you do, what can we do? We want privacy, but we want to connect with others. Surfing the regular web gives up all kinds of data.

We try to limit what we collect somewhat, but there’s enough given when you surf to cause you concern I hope.