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Anonymous108: Hi baby
Anonymous111: hi
Anonymous116: hey everyone its nice to meet you all I am sure
Anonymous116: So where is everyone from in here I am from California.
Anonymous116: What a time to be alive if you ask me with everything going on it can be hard to keep up with it all. wink
Anonymous124: hi
Anonymous126: hey hey whats happening all you players an dplayettes wink
Anonymous126: Jeez maybe one day I will actully learn to read my text before i send it, sorry for the typo.
Anonymous126: Have to say i am kinda impressed with the emojis you have here heart
Anonymous126: Did anyone else catch the Solar eclipse a few days back like me?
Anonymous132: I did i thought it was awesome had such a great time with fam and friends watching it.
Anonymous132: looking forward to being around the next one a long time from now wink
Anonymous132: I was lucky enough to be in Nashville which was right in the path.
chats: Sounds like you got real lucky than to see it all in its truest form imaginable.
Anonymous146: I cant wait for a Single chick to get into this chat room so i can hit on her.
Anonymous146: I am looking for a hot woman which means over 30 in the United States that can type and spell well, lol
Anonymous146: And if anyone wants to do some cam to cam I am down just let me know.
Anonymous148: Do you like sex? go to sign up the site
Anonymous162: Do you like sex? go to sign up the site
Anonymous183: Any Aussies in here
Anonymous186: Hi
Anonymous187: SEX DATING
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